When I am King... II: The Book

It's out. It's here. It's the one you've been waiting for, even if you didn't know it.

It's the second, it's the sequel, it's the one that the first was published in anticipation of, even if it didn't know it.

It's published, it's on sale an Amazon, it's the reason that Amazon exists, even if it doesn't know it.

When I am King... II, the book. Available now from Amazon.

Get it for a gift. Get it for yourself. Get it for a coffee table coaster.

Buy one for your dog.
Buy one for your cat.
Buy a couple dozen for
A front door mat.

This new book is remarkably similar to the first When I am King... book, except for the part where it's all new content. Okay, okay, it contains King essays originally published on my blog, but none of them are in the first book. Because that'd be cheating, and dumb. It'd be like those bands that release Yet Another Greatest Hits album with most of the songs from the previous Greatest Hits on it again. Also, this second volume is bigger. And longer. And bigger. And I spent some quality time refining this one, adding a bit of content here and there, updating the material, and generally making the book look (if I do say so myself) pretty good.

The book will also be available in a Kindle version, just as soon as I can push that through the process. Expect another self-serving blog post about that soon.

In the meantime, go get the hardcopy. Before Amazon runs out of books and the Amazon Rainforest runs out of trees.

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