Depend on the Kindleness of Strangers

The Kindle version of When I am King... II: More Reasons to Put Me in Charge is now available on Amazon (the hardcopy version was already available).

In an odd twist, the Kindle version is apparently free ($0.00) for Amazon Prime members through the Kindle lending library. I don't quite get how this works, but apparently you can read it free through the library. Or you can buy it for $3.49. I, er, uh... maybe they make it up through volume?

Either way, you can get it for your Kindle now.

This eBook version is quite distinct from the hardcopy in several respects:
  • Unique table of contents, specifically tuned for this electronic edition (because Kindle couldn't cope with the hardcopy's table of contents. Apparently links to page numbers don't translate well. That was fun to fix)
  • Unique placement of graphics (because the conversion process completely messed with the nicely inlined pictures in the original Word version and everything had to be painfully tweaked, one by one. Holy hell, graphics are tough to deal with when going electronic. Next time, I think I'll stick with words.)
  • Fixes for minor glitches found during the publishing process (No matter how many times you edit your own stuff, you will *always* find more errors, especially after it's actually published. Grumble.)
Oh, and it's way cheaper, as eBooks should be, coming in at about half the price of the hardcopy.

Obligatory link to the eBook version. And, for completeness, a link to the original hardcopy WAIKII-classic version. You know, the book. The actual, printed thing. Made from trees, has pages.


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