Father's Day: It's All About the Donuts

Warm and dripping,
Super glazy
Perfect food for
Super lazy
People, I go
Super crazy
When the donuts come.

Dozens by the
Cardboard box,
With only paper
Flaps as locks,
I’ll fill myself down
To my socks;
I think, in fact, I’ll have some.

Does anyone know what this Sunday is? No? Nobody?
Sunday is Father's Day.

That's right, it's the one day every year that we set aside for making every child feel guilty for what their father's have done for them while simultaneously making every father feel guilty that they haven't done enough for their children.
It's like Mother's Day except that, face it, Dad's just kinda suck more at the job.

So why not make everyone feel better. Give the man a donut.
Oh wait - he's eaten too many of those already? Well how about a book instead?