When I am King: I Told You So

When I am King...

For any readers that find these articles funny or even absurd, I offer the following:

Way back in 2007, not long after I had first started my campaign for King, I posted the blog entry Fast Lane, on ideas for speeding up the tedious chores of our busy lives, like reading, smelling flowers, and dental hygiene. For example, I proposed food products with embedded bristles and strings to allow us to brush our teeth while we ate, instead of the old-fashioned and time-consuming process of eating and then having to clean our teeth afterward.

While I was traveling several months ago, I ran across the following machine in a men's room.

That's right - it's a chewable toothbrush, with food and bristles all wrapped up in one tasty package.
Some readers think these posts are all a big joke. But I consider them more prophecy, or perhaps just a big TODO list for when the throne is finally mine.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, mighty Chetter, seer and soothsayer! We who laughed now weep!