Sunday Comics: Heaven and Helmet

It's Sunday, so of course I'm thinking about comics and religion all day.

Heaven: the ultimate gated community

I was wondering:

Do think the hosts of Hell ever take road trips to heaven? Maybe they go on panty raids, or toilet-paper heaven's gate. Or just tailgate outside, boozing it up and cat-calling new arrivals.

If there is a Doggy Heaven, like my parents always assured me there was, do you think that it's next to People Heaven? If so, don't you think it would be a hellish racket?

Do you think there's any music besides harps and strings in heaven? Would electric guitars be allowed? What about drums? What if we called it "heavenly metal music"?

I guess you probably get a free robe to wear when you get into Heaven. If you were ever kicked out, would you get to keep the robe? Or would they notice if you packed it in your suitcase and walked out with it? Would it just show up on your room bill later?

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Anonymous said...

this is really funny.