Adult Humor

What do you call an adult who makes bad jokes?

A groan up.

(No, the answer is not "Chet". That would be mean and hurtful.)


Anonymous said...

Guy into the petshop...

"I'll have one of your wasps"

"We dont sell wasps"

"But you have one in your window"

A thank you
(Hey Chet - post a comment on our blog - we're waiting!)

Chet Haase said...

er... what blog? where?

Anonymous said...

Our blog - the one that you visit..


We featured his n her showers via youtube....

Google analytics tells us alot. It's great to have you on board - keep up the great blogging and smelling the flowers. Feel free to post a comment on our blog sometime.

Chet Haase said...

go!: I thought that must be the site you were talking about, but I didn't quite get the connection. Sorry, I'm not much of a blog commenter in general. By the way, what youtube video are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

I've posted it again - just now, about his n her showers. The clip is pretty funny and seeing your post reminded me.

Thanks for the inspiration - no probs with no commenting but its fun to adopt a persona and give your opinion. We've had some heated debates recently! Enjoy and hi from Dubai. By the way click on our logo at the top and you'll find out more about us! Healthy Regards!