My Hard Drive

My hard drive crashed the other day;
I should have seen it coming;
The computer had gotten awfully slow and
The drive had started humming.

A crash like this is no surprise;
These things fail all the time.
Thus the need for backing up
Explained in this here rhyme:

Back up all your documents,
Especially your data.
‘Cause drives are like bad software that’s
Perpetually pre-beta.

So copy all those pictures off
Onto another drive.
And copy them some more times if you
Want them to survive.

Duplicate your videos
And music you’ve amassed
For when your hard disk crashes,
These files will not last.

Copy emails, copy chats, and
Every application;
Save yourself an ulcer and
Painful consternation.

Just copy the whole damn thing;
And copy it again.
Losing data hurts like Hell,
Each copy is your friend.

Copy onto other drives,
Copy to the cloud.
Copy anywhere and every
Place that is allowed.

Keep a copy in your home
And maybe in your car.
Have some copies near to you
And others really far.

Make copies of your copies
And duplicate those, too.
It’s better to have too many copies
Than to have too few.

All your digital memories
Could disappear like this
So back up everything you think
You might just one day miss.

I know all this because my hard drive
Recently got fried.
These are all the things I wish I’d
Done before it died.

Postscript: I wrote this after the drive crashed and I had lost everything. I actually managed to recover the data eventually. If you're curious about the process I went through, I wrote it up on my technical blog in Dealing with Data: A Hard Drivin' Tale of Woe.

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