When I am King: Second Edition

I have some great news: the second edition of When I am King... II is now available on Amazon, as shown by this snapshot of the previewed copyright page:

That's right - if you were holding off on purchasing it because you knew that there were probably dumb mistakes in the original version, or because you have some bizarre and debilitating allergy to first editions, then this is your lucky day. As is tomorrow, and the day after that, because I'm done. This is it. Finito.

Sure, I thought the first edition was also going to be the last edition of this book, but public outcry demanded otherwise.*

* Okay, okay, I found some errors. Lots of errors. Errors I couldn't live with, knowing that they were populating peoples' future bookshelves, besmirching the good name of me, my family, and the book, and fouling up any future chances I might have at the throne, assuming that the entrance exam includes spelling and grammar sections.
It's unbelievable, and incredibly depressing, how many times you can read your own writing and still miss glaring errors that are lying there like slugs crawling through your cinnamon bun.
And okay, there were some formatting issues too. I fixed those, too. Your You're welcome.

This outcome is wonderful news for everyone, of course:


If you hadn't bought the book yet, now you can get a More Perfect version of the book. Surely, this was the last holdup in spending that $6.95 on the hardcopy ($3.49 for the Kindle version). Now I've removed that roadblock and you can get on with your life and stop worrying about this critical issue.

First Edition Owners
First of all, congratulations on owning a now-classic and out-of-print First Edition! The latest edition has made the original edition a collectable, since there was such a limited run of these, and you are an owner of that rare printing! Wow!

Not only that, but you are one of a select few to be able to collect all editions of this now collectible series. Sure, the new buyers that only own the second edition may attempt to brag that they own a more "perfect" and more "grammatically correct" edition, but how great is that claim compared to owning copies of all versions of the series, each complete with their own distinctive characteristics?
Well done!

Meanwhile, I've updated the Kindle version as well, so anyone that purchased that electronic edition for the past few days has already accessed the perfection** that is the Second Edition.

** My lawyer has advised me to not use this word, given what happened with the first edition. But really, it's pretty good this time. I guarantee promise think.

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