Yule Chuckle

When down our chimney
Come Santa’s claws
It’s snow holiday at
The house of Haase.

He arrives in the room
With a reindeer antler
And goes after our stockings;
He’s a hearth dismantler.

He takes our kids’ gifts
And has presents of mine
All stuffed in his bag,
When I start to whine,

“Why are you stealing?
Is this some kind of trick?”
He says, “Why do you think
They call me Saint Nick?”

Then the dog takes after
The man in the suit.
The fat guy sees him
And lets out a hoot.

They chase ‘round the room
Santa’s running with fright
Then I trip, hit my head,
And I’m out like a light.

When I wake up later
From an eggnog haze
I realize it’s just been
One of those days.

The mess in the room
Is not one of theft,
But instead is the chaos
From unwrapping bereft

Of sanity, caused by
Delight and great fun
Of the children finding gifts
By the gross and the ton.

Still I wonder, as I gaze
Around at the sight
Why an antler was left
By the hearth in the night.

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Anonymous said...

Chet :

Your readers are eagerly looking for some new material.


John K. in DC