Owed to Peet's

Alfred Peet, founder of Peet's Coffee & Tea, passed away recently. Being a Peet's coffee convert (read: addict), and appreciating everything that he did for coffee lovers everywhere, I figured I owed him this ode.

Owed to Peet's

Peet's coffee fills the cracks inside
The corners of my brain
Helping me to think a bit
Or at least it helps explain

The jitters of my hands and toes
And various nervous tics
The rushing heartbeat thumping thumping
A powerful energy mix.

I love my cup of Peet's each morning
And then one later on.
If lucky, I can grab another
After lunch is done.

And then one in the afternoon
Another before my supper.
I'll also have one with the meal,
And with dessert a cup or

Two and then one in the evening
and two more before I sleep
Except I'm never tired these days
So I get and up steep

Another pot of strong, strong coffee
Nice and hot and black.
It's a hard drug, but it's legal -
A lawful citizen's crack

Or dope except it keeps me wired
Cranking all day long.
"Just another cup," I say
But then I find I'm wrong

Because one small cup turns into two
And two then into four
And then I've drunk the whole carafe
And still I want some more.

If only there were other ways
I'd use in future years
Of getting more into my system
Like beans in both my ears

Or coffee lotion rubbed all over
Or grounds under my eyelids
Candy made from espresso
(Just keep it away from my kids).

A coffee shaker at the table
Instead of boring salt.
A sandwich spread called "coffee butter"
A coffee shake and malt.

Good coffee is addictive,
One taste and I was sunk.
Now that I've had brew from Peet's
I can no longer drink the junk.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I remember Peet's from my days in Berkeley, CA.

Sorry to hear he passed away.

Now if the founder of "Top Dog" dies I'll be REALLY upset.

John Kercheval