Happy Thoughts: 8/17/2007

Don't be spoiled by success. Be treated fairly by failure instead.

Split ends: Our hair just keeps growing and growing. It's constantly trying to put as much distance as possible between it and the body.
Does it know something that we don't?

Did you ever have an aquarium? Did you notice how continuously the fish went belly-up and had to be flushed?
Now, did you ever have roaches or ants in your kitchen? Did you notice how they just kept coming and coming, no matter how hard you tried to kill them?
Why don't we raise roaches and ants as pets, instead? It would be a lot less depressing.

There are two sides to every story. But the other side is hard to read because it's all backwards.

I've been thinking about getting a nose job. It's about time he started earning his keep.
He'd just better not blow it.

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