Some Jokes For You. Laugh, Dammit.

These are Chet originals. At least as far as I know.

When I was in high school, my parents sent me on an exchange program.
They were so surprised when I returned.

Did you hear about the guy that only drank beer and wine?
He thought the hard stuff was too whiskey.

Or how about the grumbler that avoided hard liquor?
He would only drink beer and whine.

Home is where the mortgage is.

Where do bulimics work out?
The gymnauseum.

And in my first and probably only foray into political humor:

What do you call a vacuum cleaner in Iraq?
A weapon of mess destruction


Anonymous said...

I laughed. Dammit!

Bharath said...

It took a lot of effort, but I finally managed to laugh. :-)


Anonymous said...

Did you hear about the two melons from the opposite side of the fruit cart that fell in love and decided to run away and get married?

One of them rolled off of the cart and smashed to bits so now they can't elope.

maya said...

i'm easily tickled. i liked them.

Anonymous said...

I like the political one ;-)