Little Olympics Ditty

The Olympics, this year,
Is something to see;
So many people, so much
Better than me.

Better at running, and
Jumping around.
Better in air, and
Better on ground.

Better at shooting, and
At putting shot.
I'd like to compete...
But I'd better not.

But I'm a bit muddled
On details of all sorts.
So here are some questions
And thoughts on these sports.

In archery (one of the
Games in the joint),
If the arrows bounce,
Are they missing the point?

Badminton, this year, really
Messed with my head.
I thought they used rackets,
But some threw it instead.

In cycling, a sport that
I really admire,
When a bike gets a flat,
Is it time to retire?

For judo, here's something that's
Been in my head:
Do they wrestle to win,
Or flip for it instead?

Swimming seems like it
Really takes drive.
But do they really compete,
Or just take a dive?

Tennis players may think,
As the ball sails past,
While the food there might suck,
At least the service is fast.

Volleyballer teams play on
Court or on sand.
The only difference is that
One is more tanned.

And so the games will soon
Come to a close.
What the athletes do next,
Nobody knows.

They'll all go home
For a well-deserved rest,
After giving their all
And trying their best.

But after that's done,
What will they do?
Will they party like crazy?
Will they start sniffing glue?

Maybe they'll stay on the
Straight and the narrow…
And train for the games in
Rio de Janeiro.

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adil said...

Awesome :)