Pro Crastination

When I am King...

I will enact laws of great wisdom and justice ... someday.

I just can't say enough for procrastination, mostly because I can't get around to it.

The way I figure it, if I have the choice of doing something now or doing it next month instead, why would I do it now? What if I die in the meantime and didn't have to have done it at all? It's not like the undertaker is going to drag my cold, stiff carcass out of the coffin and make me take out last week's trash. Taken to the extreme, if I can push all of my chores past this eventuality, then I can get away with a far less busy life.

As Thomas Jefferson meant to say, “Never put off until tomorrow what you can put off indefinitely.”

Of course, there are obviously things in life that have to be done immediately, like breathing. And then there's everything else. You just have to get your priorities straight.

Sure, it feels good accomplishing something. But it also feels good lying on the couch, knowing that you could be out there working hard to try to accomplish something instead.

I actually had a lot more to say about this whole subject, but I can't manage it now. Maybe later.
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