Cheers and Booze

Here's a handy drink recipe that I discovered one day.

I was really sick one day, through a combination of too many drinks the night before plus a really nice case of stomach flu. I spent all day in face-to-face conversation with the toilet bowl. The toilet didn't have much to say, but it was a great listener.

Then finally, that evening, I decided that maybe I would feel better with a little food in my stomach. I went to a nearby store and, being in a healthy frame of mind, bought a banana and some orange juice. I ate them, felt fine for a few minutes, and then back up they came. But the weird thing was, it was like throwing up a smoothie. And I have to say, it tasted pretty good.

So the next time you want a smoothie, maybe you don't need a Jamba Juice or even a blender. You just need the right combination of ingredients and a weak stomach.

On a different note, you've probably heard about these mix-in-the-mouth drinks at fancy parties. Someone lies down on the bar, the bartender pours in the shots of liquor and mixers, and the person gulps it down.

This sounds fun, but too tame. Where's the challenge, the risk, the danger? I want to see someone drink a mix-in-your-mouth blended margarita. Get one of those portable blender things, some Tequila, some margarita mix, some ice, and let her rip. Now that would be a party drink.
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