When I am Kindle: Sale! Sale! Sale!

Have you already bought the print version of When I am King... or When I am King... II? (What?! Why not?) Or have you been eyeing the Kindle editions of the first or second book, but thinking that $3 - $3.50 was way beyond your budget?

Wouldn't it be nice if you could own both the print and the electronic versions, so that you can always have them available, wherever you are, ready to refer to for morsels of wisdom, or citations for constructive arguments, or yet another way to waste the tedious time between waking up and going to sleep?

Amazon thought so, too. They've introduced the new kindle matchbook program to enable discounted Kindle editions of print books. I've opted into the program and am now offering (for a Limited! Time! Only! (maybe)) the Kindle version of both of my comedy books at the low-low price of $.99 each under this program (the normal prices are $2.99 and $3.49 for the first and second books, respectively).

This means that if you buy the print version of either book on Amazon ($5.36 (discounted from $5.95) for When I am King... or $6.26 (discounted from $6.95) for When I am King... II), or if you have ever bought that print version from Amazon, then you can now buy the Kindle edition of that book for just $.99.

Let me repeat that: If you buy the hardcopy, you can get the electronic version for $.99. A dollar minus a penny. 99 gumballs. Nine dimes and nine pennies. Three quarters, two dimes, and four pennies. $6,000 minus $5,999.01. Any way you figure it, it's just 99 cents.

It's what dreams are made of, and then discounted when
someone buys the original printed edition of the dream.TM

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