There Was No Donut There

When I got to work today,
There was no donut there.
This saddened me beyond belief and
Seemed a tad unfair.

I worked quite hard this week, I did,
But didn't mind the pain.
Because I knew when Friday came
I would a donut gain.

But now that there is no such treat
My joy in life is dead.
I thought I'd get a pastry but
I got just air instead.

My life was once quite filled with hope
Like donuts filled with cream,
But now there is just sadness and
A failed, pathetic dream.

I don't know how to carry on;
My life ahead is bleak.
I feel my soul is dying at the
Ending of this week.

But wait; what is it that I smell,
Wafting through the air?
Its lardy, sugary scent betides
That donuts now are there!

Hooray, Huzzah, and yay for me!
This week before Thanksgiving.
I have, at least today, a dozen
Reasons to keep living.
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