When I am King: Social Disease

When I am King...

I was at a software development conference this week where they talked about programmers creating social experiences.

Let me say that again: "programmers creating social experiences"

Why do they think they're dealing with, cheerleaders? In my experience, programmers are the least social beings I know of, rating just shy of the mollusk and barely surpassing a pile of rocks. In fact, most of us got into this field because it seemed like a great way to avoid people. And they're looking to us to create the next great social revolution?

It's like asking bullies to run group therapy sessions, or drug lords to host kindergarten tea parties, or presidents to manage foreign policy. Who knows what could happen?

No wonder the web is full of sites like FaceBook - it's socializing for people that don't know how to actually talk to people.

When I am King, social networking sites will be created by people who, you know, like, know how to socialize. And programmers will go back into our offices, dimly lit by the comforting glow of our only friends, the pixels.
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