Owed to a Belt Loop

This little piece of fabric lies
Upon my trouser waist;
Subtle, incognito, it shows
Quiet, refined taste.

It serves a simple function,
Yet it could be so much more,
For in its simple opening
There is a little door.

A doorway to a better world,
Where deeper things are felt,
A tunnel to a nicer place
(And also for a belt).

Who knows what lies beyond the hole,
What worlds can be spied?
For belt loops can do such much more
Than keep my trousers tied.

It may seem strange to think these things,
But that’s my honest stance;
A belt loop isn’t just thing thing
That hides my underpants.

A portal through which dreams are made,
A path through space and time,
A strip of cloth that holds us in
(And thus completes the rhyme).

My belt loop is my greatest friend,
In country or in town,
For it’s the only thing that keeps
My pants from falling down.
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