Cheap and Easy

And now, a word from our sponsor:

Just a quick note about the book. No, not that book, this one. Not that book, either: this one. The comedy one. When I Am King.... The one that's more fun to read, albeit harder to justify as a business expense.

My marketing department recently completed some extensive research which conclusively proved, with an insignificant margin of error, that readers prefer books that are, get this, cheaper. This secret dynamic apparently powers the paperback market as well as borrow-from-a-friend-and-forget-to-return market.

Given this startling find, the entire team has been closeted in top-secret meetings for the past several days, with only pizza, coffee, and reruns of Seinfeld to sustain us. We've been crunching the data and sitting through presentation after presentation in an effort to come to some conclusion on the impact that this data should have on the book's marketing campaign. We've had straw man polls, we've had debates, we've had obsequious soliloquies by lieutenants, but in the end, we had to make a decision. As the author, marketing department, and sole member of the team, I knew that the responsibility fell upon me. Here is that decision.

The price for When I am King... is now lower. Much lower.

Now, for the low, low price of just $14.95 $12.30 $7.95 $6.95 $8.95 $5.95, When I am King... can be yours.

No longer will you look in longing at your friend's shelf where the book would sit if your friend owned it. No longer do you have to wonder if it's worth going without Top Ramen for an entire year in order to afford the previous cover price. Now you can simply buy the thing: $5.95 and still available for free shipping on Amazon.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled weblog...
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