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Update December, 08: I've found a significantly cheaper publisher for the book, and you can now get the book for $7.95 on Amazon.com.

The book is now on Amazon.com:

Sorry, no humor posting today, just some useful updates about my book. There are a couple of improvements for the vast throng of people that were hoping to buy a copy, but who were scared off by the cover price and shipping costs on lulu.com:

  • Amazon.com carries When I am King...: As I had hoped, Amazon has picked up the book and you can now buy it from Amazon directly. There is no discount on the price (I have no idea how to get in on that deal, but I'm thinking it's driven by sales figures. Or blackmail), but the big advantage is that you can take advantage of Amazon's shipping prices. For example, it qualifies for Prime shipping, so shipping is free if you're in on that program. And it also qualifies for free shipping on orders of over $25. This is a huge improvement over the shipping costs of lulu.com (sorry, lulu), which are somewhat high if you just want the one book. Maybe they assume that everyone wants ten copies of the book. I mean, if you enjoy it once, you'll probably want to read it over and over again. And there's nothing quite like cracking open a new book for the first time, so you'll want multiple copies just to keep having that feeling, right?
  • Lulu.com price drop: I reduced the price of the book on lulu.com from the original $14.80 to the new and seemingly random price of $12.30. Amazon still has the original price, as these changes take a few weeks to trickle through the system; they should eventually have the book at this lower price as well.
  • Electronic version: I had requests to make the book available in electronic form, so I've made a download version available on lulu.com. It's significantly cheaper than the print version, at $3.75, so if you just wanted to read the book on your computer, this is probably cheaper and easier than buying the book and scanning in all of the pages one by one. But feel free to do both.
  • But Wait, There's More: The Amazon links above reflect the new (as of December, 2008) listings and prices on Amazon with the new publisher createspace.com.

Sorry for the ad, but I thought these updates were interesting enough to warrant a post. My next posting will be humorous. No joke.

p.s. If you like the book, or this blog that the book's material comes from, I'm not averse to having you post a review on Amazon or lulu.com. Nor am I averse to stooping so low as to ask for it.

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