Thanksgiving: A Fowl History

The Thanksgiving holiday
Is misunderstood
As a time of gathering
In each neighborhood.

Family and friends
All feasting together
Eating tons of rich food
In both bad and good weather.

The holiday's based on
A story of old
That, when we were little,
We were too-often told

About pilgrims and Indians
Now fast befriended
Joining together, all
Bad feelings ended.

But if you examine
The story quite close
You'll soon have a new
Take on it, one more morose.

In making the Pilgrims eat
Till guts were puffed,
They were really just telling
Them all to get stuffed.

And in setting a precedent
For such a great meal
They were boosting cholesterol
To levels unreal.

It was all just a ruse,
And a good one at that,
To get the Pilgrims eating
So much they'd get fat.

Now four centuries later,
We waddle in stores
Like Walmart, and Costco,
And McDonalds galores.

The strategy paid off and
We now are quite plump,
With centuries of Stuffing and
Meat in our rump.

Their joke came to pass,
And much laughing is heard:
When feeding us turkey,
They flipped us the bird.

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