Geek Nation

I dreamed, last night,
Of a country of nerds.
We formed a new nation
On programs, not words.

But I wondered, as I slept,
What choices we'd seek,
In this nation of nerddom,
This country of geek.

Would glasses adorn
Every one of our faces?
Would our childrens' bad teeth
Get new curly braces?

Would typing be urged,
And handwriting subversive?
Would our kids at least learn how
To write in recursive?

Would repetitive tasks be
'do-while's, or just 'for's?
Would our natural resources
Be exclusive ores?

Would we ever play sports,
Since we'd all get picked last, see?
Or would we learn, finally,
To kick some geek ascii?

Would the music of choice be
Algorithm and blues?
Would sneakers be the only
Acceptable shoes?

Would society be open
Like a great big library,
Accepting of all, be they
Straight, gay, or binary?

Would pest control work
Be nicknamed debugging?
Would identity theft be
The sole form of mugging?

Would we get with the program?
Or be left out in the code?
Would our army be run
In some kernel mode?

Would taxis and limos
Be referred to as 'hacks'?
Would religions guilt us all
About original syntax?

Would future generations
Learn more of our nation
By sifting through code dumps
Or by hexcavation?

Would our spirit stand out
Like a malformed tag,
Would we proudly display
Our Boolean flag?

The dream finally ended;
I awoke from my sleep
And I lay there till morning,
Counting binary sheep.
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