Administration Unveils "Raw Deal"

President Unveils New "Raw Deal" Solution to Financial Crisis

In a surprising move, the American President today revealed that the global financial crisis is all part of his administration's overall plan for the economy.

"My fellow Americans," he said, speaking to a group of foreign journalists. "In the 1930's or maybe the 1800's, a former President established what he called the 'New Deal' to get this country out of a financial whatsit. But that deal's not so new anymore, seeing as how it's so old, so it was time we got our own plan going to fix things around here.

"My administration is implementating a totally different plan to fix the problem. The bankruptures and credit problems are just a part of my overall strategization. You can look forward to even more fixes in the coming weeks, such as a return to the Fool's Gold standard, and an economy based on chicken dumplings. Why, everbody loves dumplings!
"Our solution is new and fresh, so we're calling this here thing the 'Raw Deal.'"

The President declined to take questions, but he did pose for a photo op while shaking hands with a nearby shrub.

The President, caught posing for a quick caricature op
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