Little Jokes for Friday

It's "study the 49'ers" time of year in California schools, that part of our kids' education where we learned about the insane level of greed that made this state what it is. Good thing we're not like that anymore.

I figured it was also time for a little minin' humor, dig?

Q: What’s the difference between a huge gold vein and Britney Spears?
A: One is the mother lode, the other is one loaded mother.

Q: What did the gold digger say to his new bride?
A: What’s mine is yours.

Q: What did the man’s wife say when he left home for the California Gold Rush?
A: “Come back rich, ore else!”

Did you hear about the 49’er that was unable to find any gold?
He searched in vein.

Q: What’s the difference between getting a gold mine and a fancy dinner?
A: One’s a staked claim, the other is acclaimed steak.

Q: Why did the 49’er climb to the top of the mountain?
A: He heard that every cloud has a silver lining.

Did you hear about the 49’er that fell down the shaft?
He only suffered miner injuries.

Some 49’ers were good at mining, but most people couldn’t dig it.

Q: What’s a 49’ers favorite song?
A: Anything in a miner key.
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