I'm not an emoticon person. I think that if your text doesn't adequately describe your emotion, then you need to work on your writing. Emoticons are just a cheap trick, a way of saying "just kidding!" either because your sarcasm wasn't clear enough or your audience is too dull to get the joke, so it wasn't worth telling them to begin with.

But it struck me that sometimes there's an emotion so strong and sudden that a simple graphic would be better than a long-winded explanation. Specifically, we need emoticons for puking.

There are infinite possibilities and variations here, but I'll suggest a couple:

Basic: feeling kinda pukey:

This can be extended to a more elaborate Feeling Very Pukey:
where the amount of % spew is up to you and your physical state at the time.

Finally, there is the sudden, atomic projectile vomit version:
or a common variation:

I still refuse to use emoticons in general. But I thought these were worth throwing up here.
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