Thanksgiving is Here! (An Ode to Gluttony)

Thanksgiving is here!
The turkey is ready.
The relish is relished,
The stuffing is bready.

The vegetables sit there,
Untouched in their bowl,
Potatoes, mashed up, are
Right next to the rolls.

The gravy boat, filled with
Spectacular fat,
Is not very big, but
There’s more in the vat.

There’s salad here somewhere
As a healthy treat,
But everyone skips it and
Goes for the meat.

We’ll eat till our shirts
And our dresses are puffed,
We’ll eat several servings
After we’re stuffed.

We’ll cram every food item
In this abode
Into our face till we’re
Set to explode.

Thanksgiving is here!
We need to be fed!
Now let’s keep on gorging
Ourselves till we’re dead.
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