Chicken: The Original White Meat

Upset for years at the Pork Council’s use of the slogan, "The Other White Meat," the Chicken Council recently pecked back at them with their new campaign:

Chicken: The Original White Meat. Except for the dark meat.
Council leaders feel very positive about the move. "Make no bones about it," clucked Earl Fenster, co-Rooster, "we’re back. We’ve been winged by a fowl shot from those dirty swine, but we’re ready. We’ll see who has egg on their face this time."

The council has other slogans ready to keep the campaign in flight:

  • "From our range to yours"
  • "Pork fat’s bad for you. Chicken fat, maybe not so much"
  • "What’s your beef with chicken, anyway?"
There are also several new chicken products in the pipeline, such as:

  • "Chicken Beakon: Mouth-watering and crunchy, too"
  • "Chicken Nuggets: No bones about it"
Finally, they’re introducing a new song that they hope will capture the hearts and imaginations of chicken lovers everywhere:
Chickens, chickens, chickens –
They’re really good to eat.
Eat ‘em, eat ‘em, eat ‘em,
From beaks to skinny feet.

Frying, frying, frying –
On grills or in hot oil.
Cooking, cooking, cooking,
In soups upon the boil.

Cut them, cut them, cut them,
With knife and dinner fork.
Healthy, healthy, healthi-
-er than big fat pork.
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