Holiday Joke for Friday

It was Christmas Eve, and a blizzard was raging at the North Pole. Santa had to get the presents out, but he knew his normal team of reindeer wouldn't be able to make it.

He decided he'd finally ask Donner's kid - that nerd with the light-up nose.

"Hey there, Rupert!"
"It's Rudolph, Santa"
"Sure, whatever kid. Say, have I got a deal for you. You want to lead Santa's sleigh this year?"
"No way."
"No? Whattaya mean no? Quit playing these reindeer games! I'm asking if you want the dream job of all reindeer and you say 'no'? You can fly, you know the job, and you've got this whacko nose that lights up. Now why don't you want to do it?"
"Santa, it's snowing like crazy out there. I'm not getting lit and then driving this crew around the whole night."
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