When I am King: Nicer, Dumber Kids

When I am King...

Kids will only go to school through the 5th grade.

This is also known as my "Every Child Left Behind" program.

We learn bad habits from middle and high school that carry us through the rest of our lives. For example, are politicians any better than high school class presidents running in a popularity contest? And do they accomplish anything more than our class presidents did?

We seem to learn good habits in kindergarten and grade school, like sharing, talking through our problems, and closing the door when peeing. We learn bad habits later in life, like insulting, sucking up, and talking on a cellphone when we should be driving.

I propose simply pulling our kids out of school before all of that happens. That way, maybe our kids will grow up with the ethics they learn in grade school instead of the horrors they pick up after that.

Think about it:

  • Politicians would think that kickbacks are when you return the soccer ball to their friend
  • Celebrities would be popular by being nice to everyone
  • Clothing styles would be worn because they're practical
  • Disgruntled employees would only play with toy guns
  • Terrorists would cause fear and chaos by farting in public places

It's not clear yet what we do with the kids between 5th grade and adulthood, although the idea of simply sending them to work is appealing from both a daycare and a monetary standpoint. I know that some countries are condemned for their child labor practices. But perhaps that has all been a cultural misunderstanding, and they are just trying to keep their kids from becoming cheerleaders, jocks, and burnouts.


Bharath said...

Very well said. High school marks the end of innocence, really. The world would've been a better place without corrupt, insecure and deranged college kids who grow up to be Frankenstein's zombies.

Laureen said...

Um... why not skip the school thing entirely?

Welcome to my world. =)