When There Is A Donut

When there is a donut,
There is nothing wrong at all.
Life could be ruined, people could die,
Nations could crater and fall.

But if there’s a donut, just one single donut,
Then everything’s good as can be;
I open my mouth and suck it all in and
I am a happier me.

Some people might find me vapid,
My philosophy lacking and sad,
But when I taste the warm sugar and fat,
I figure it can’t be that bad.

Everyone has their own weakness,
Their own special thing they adore.
For some it’s true love or power or clothing
Or shopping all day at the store.

For others, it might be fun gadgets,
Or video games played all day long,
And who am I to judge these pursuits,
Or tell everyone that they’re wrong?

But meanwhile, I just need donuts.
In fact, I’ll just have that one.
(And then when I’m done with it, I’ll have another;
This time a cinnamon bun).

So let all the governments fail,
And storms break the Earth’s crust apart;
As long as I have my one single donut,
I’ll also have joy in my heart.
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