Birds of a feather flock together.
Reptiles travel alone.
Cockroaches fester in hordes of millions.
I prefer life on my own.

Mammals tend to protect one another.
Cats are just happy to be.
Dogs roll around in fur-flying packs.
I spend my life with just me.

You’d think solitude might become a bit much,
That’d I’d be all lonely and sad.
But it turns out that talking all day to myself
Is the best conversation I’ve had.

I laugh at my jokes (unlike other folks)
And find myself charming and droll.
Sometimes I find that I’m on the floor giggling
When I’m really on a roll.
I find my debates with me riveting stuff;
Conversations go on and on,
Making points, counterpoints, and prime examples
All through the night and dawn.

No, sharing my house with my own company,
Is not a big problem at all.
And it really works out since nobody ever
Bothers returning my call.
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