Ode to Beer

I suppose last week's video poem didn't quite get all the rhyming out of my system. Maybe it just made things worse.

Here's a little ditty about drinking. I like the rhyme scheme from Poe's The Raven, I thought I'd see how well it worked when applied to the subject of beer.

“I seem to have misplaced my beer
It isn’t there, it isn’t here.
It isn’t anywhere, I fear,
I think I’ll get one more.

Now my new beer’s missing too,
Even though it was brand new,
But I know just what I should do;
There’s more in by the door.

My next beer disappeared just now.
It escaped, I know not how.
It must have walked away somehow,
I’ll refill, as before.

Then I lost, not two, or three,
But four beers when I went to pee,
I wish they would come back to me,
But meanwhile I’ll go pour.

Then I lost another five,
These beers are seemingly alive,
They leave before they quite arrive,
Making me beer poor.

I went again to pour a drink,
From the keg next to the sink,
But now it’s empty too, I think,
Which really makes me sore.

I see my empty glasses there,
Not full of beer, but full of air,
Piled underneath my chair,
Standing on the floor.

I don’t know where the liquid went,
But it’s all gone, in any event,
The winter of my beer discontent,
I’ll have one, nevermore.

It puts me in a nasty funk,
For I was hoping to get drunk,”
And then he fell down with a thunk,
And so began to snore.
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