Video: Chet Does Nerdcore

I wrote this geeky music video piece for a recent tech conference about the product I work on. It's about people and product-related things you've probably never heard of, but I'm hoping it's funny anyway.


Robert Eckstein said...

So, I'm guessing that Gordon worked on text.

Somtow Sucharitkul (S.P. Somtow) said...

Um, when you were 13 years old, you played me the whole of Mozart's F major piano concerto to me at your house one day. Well, it's 30 years later and I'm still conducting Mozart. I'm glad to say that you at least have made some progress :)

Chet Haase said...

Well, I've certainly moved on from Mozart. But I'm not sure that nerdcore, and this example of it in particular, represents upward movement.
In fact, I think if my old piano teacher saw it, she'd give me a big "I told you so" for quitting classical lessons. She knew I'd never amount to anything, and here's proof. In video.