iPhone: Oh, Gee

Everyone's so excited about the new iPhone with 3G. Not me - I'm waiting for the Zero-G version.

Just imagine: the hovering phone would be entirely weightless. And no wait means no lines to buy it.

Also, the new hands-free requirement of many areas while driving wouldn't be an issue if the phone just next to you.

I'm moved to song:

What's the big deal with
The iPhone in 3G?
The one I'm waiting for
Is the upcoming Zero-G.

The phone will be weightless
And oh-so-fine.
And with no wait, buying it
Will mean no line.

The new laws that require
Your phone to be hands-free
Would be no problem for
A phone in Zero-G.

MyPhone will be an iPhone
Floating a mile-high phone,
Wafting in the breeze
With Zero Zero Gees.
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