Dis the Season

Reasoning for the Seasoning

It's that time of year again; time to Be of Good Cheer, time to give and receive presents, time to sneak into your neighbor's yard and steal garbage can space for your extra wrapping paper trash. But perhaps most of all, it's time to reflect on the origins and meanings of the holidays.

For me, this means thinking about Jesus' birthday. In particular, I wonder things like:
  • Was Jesus ever conflicted about being Jewish, yet celebrating Christ's birthday?
  • Did God ever appear with lots of gifts for Jesus to make up for the whole absentee-father thing?
  • What did Jesus want for his birthday? Peace on Earth? Or the latest Power Rangers action figures?
  • Did Jesus ever have a jumpy house for his birthday party? Or a magician doing tricks with loaves and fishes? Or did he just have camel rides?
  • Did he ever get many friends to come to his birthday parties, or were they all too busy with other holiday plans?
  • Was Jesus ever bummed that his birthday was during the holidays so he never really got presents for both events like other kids?

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